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Lesson 1Christianity faith based on JC life teachings death resurrection ascension to heavenLived 2000 years agoBibleOTapocryphadeuterocanonical book NT 27 books 4 gospels good newsgospels written 4050 years after deathMethod of Bible interpretationHistorical mostly scholars today look at history context Intended audience of author Jewish audience Greek and roman that are not familiar with Jewish bible and MosesDesired effect of author Convert people teach lessonFirst 3 gospels are synoptic seen together Mathew Luke and MarkMt and Lk based on Mk and Quelle sourcescholars think source exist perhaps Luke and Mathew used Marks gospel This also says that Mt targets Jews and Christians Jesus is the new messiah and the new MosesLuke nonJewish audience gentile speaks in universal terms explains who Moses isth4 gospel different from first 3 talks about Jesus as son of God incarnate logos of god brought by JohnLiteral Allegorical Mystical MoralEvangelist book of kellsMathew manhum of christMark lion Christ as kingLuke bull Christ as sacrifice and priestJohn eagle Christ godJesusBorn year 0 Bethlehem gospels talk about birth age 12 age 30John Baptistforerunner and baptized people to forgive sinsJesus baptism consecration to god as messiahhe publicly announced that messiah arrivedJC identifies with sinful humanityJC 40 day retreat in desert before ministrythen gathers disciples simon peter Andrewjames johnemphasis of ministryspiritual lifeMINISTRYMiraclessigns of presence of kingdom of godturning water into wine healing sick restoring life to dead devils out of possessed multiply breadALREADY HERE kingdom is present in what Jesus is doing through his healing of blind and sick BUT NOT YET fully realized still see injustice still time to go kingdomKingdom of God less suffering justice better world ideals equality a new realityPeople still have hopeThe Not Yet View
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