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Questions in preparation for the final exam in THEO 206 ECOrigins of ChristianityBelow please find the questions in preparation for the final exam These are the actual questions you should prepare but there is an element of surprise in the sense that you will be presented with only 2 two of the following questions which the professor will choose for you You are expected to write an essay of about 3 pages singlespaced for each question Exam booklets will be provided for you No helping materials will be allowedIn preparing for the exam please use the readings study notes but also what the professor said in the videos and audio commentaries Also use your creativity to show that you have both understood and are able to reflect on the topics you studied in this course Dont just memorize and render back the material try to reflect on what you learn and show that to the professor by what you writeWrite as if you were explaining the topics to a friend who knows nothing about the subject Dont expect the professor or teaching assistant to fill in your missing sentences and thoughts Use examples from the readings we have covered Please be aware that the following questions require you to exercise your power of synthesizing the materials you study 1Please explain the issue of miracles in Christianity in connection with the new reality Jesus introduces that is referred to as the kingdom of God Consider the biblical texts that support the two visions of the kingdom of God as being already here but not yet fully realized Lesson 1Miracles christianity in reference to the kingdom of God are seen as the sign of the presence of kingdom of GodThe general understanding of miracles in our world today is that miracles are an expansion of natural lawsThe authors of the bible define them as signs of the presence of kingdom of God giving us a glimpse into a better world where there is less suffering and complete justice talk about examples of miraclesJesus refers to the miracles the kingdom of god which is the new reality where there are all the ideals humanity holds dear and is striving forScholars cite two views namely the already here and the not yet realised viewAlready here view kingdom of god is present when Jesus is performing the miraclesNot yet realised view the kingdom of god is not fully realised as people will still continue to die after while and injustice will still continue to happen in this current realityScholars cite the tension between the two views as the fore taste of this reality showing us the ideal world and that we do not have the full taste as it is not fully realisedFull realisation is not here right now it will take some timeThe miracles bring a new reality of hope for a lot of things we dont see todayThe exemplary text for not yet view is seen in matthew 6v 913 the fathers prayer that states that thy kingdom comeThe exemplary view of the already view is seen when the disciples of John the Baptist ask Jesus if he is the messiah He tells them that the messiah is already here saying the miracles are the sign that it is here as a new reality is being present when I do the miraclesIn conclusion Jesuss coming down to earth introduces the already here view where the miracles introduce a new reality to people as the glimpse of the world to come saying the kingdom is not fully realised it will be fully realised sometime later when there is no pain suffering death and injustice 2The Gospel of Judas is a Gnostic Gospel of a particular type Please explain its Gnosticism in relation to the general characteristics of Gnosticism we discussed and with regard to the opposition the community who wrote the Gospel of Judas encountered from the protoorthodox form of Christianity Lesson 5Gnosticism was seen as a movement that is another alternative to ChristianityCommon traits of Gnosticismhumanity salvation the church the devine redeemerPro orthodox Christianity was mainstream Christianity that set the standard for Christianity by the nd2 centurystGnosticism were the 1 to define what is to be bible and what is to be scriptureJudass writing presents Jesus as a Gnostic figure who brings secret knowledge Secret knowledge is the key to the Gnostic gospelsJesus of the Gnosticists is not the same as the church Jesus canonical gospelGnosticism is about the spiritual realm that needs to be released to go back to where the spirit was createdProtoorthodox opposition of the Gnostic gospel of Judas emphasizes Apostolic succession Rule of faith Unity of beliefUltimately the othordox right faithbelief church were of the notion that the view set forth in a book has to conform to the views of who Jesus was in the already accepted booksThe 12 disciples seem to do the things of the other old testament God Gnostic has a hierarchy of the supreme god that had nothing to do with the hierarchy of god in the old testamentGnostic means secret knowledge This knowledge is a kind of intuition or insight It is not based on observation or imperial or scientific knowledge
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