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1Explain the Gnosticism contained in the Gospel of Judas placing it in the context of when it was producedGnosticism was a religious movement that presented major challenges to Christianity in ndrdthe 2 and 3 centuries The Gnostics believed that they had a secret knowledge about God the universe and the kingdom This secret knowledge was only accessible to the Gnostics and was an intuition and spiritual knowledge not a scientific knowledge The Gnostics believed they inherited a divine spark from God that enabled them to obtain and deeper comprehend this knowledge and have access to a better interpretation of scripture They also had the full knowledge of the secrets of salvation This knowledge about God the universe and the kingdom is brought from the outside world from a redeemer For Christian Gnostics Christ was that redeemer The Gnosticism contained in the Gospel of Judas is Sethian Gnosticism The explanations and reflections about this type of Gnosticism contained in the Gospel of Judas is what makes the Gospel so interesting and important The Gospel of Judas is the most important discovery of Gnosticism The Sethian Gnostics were believed to be descendants of Seth who was the third son of Adam Seth was believed to be a revealer and savior who inherited a secret revelation of the world God and the kingdom of heaven Throughout the Gospel of Judas there are many cues that show the reader that it is a Gnostic textFirst it is important to understand that the Gospel was not written by Judas but ndrather in Gnostic circles in the mid to late 2 centuryChristianity was still being developed at the time and the movement of Gnosticism developed because they wanted to challenge the teachings about Jesus of protoorthodox ChristianityGnosticism appeared in many forms different teachers did not agree with each other causing a lack of cohesionall the same it presented a major challenge to ChristianitystThrough the discovery and translation of the Gospel of Judas in the early 21 century the character of Judas was first presented as a good person in opposition to the original views of Judas in the BibleLater with a more detailed translation it was seen that Judas was not as good as perceived through the original translation of the textIn the Gospel of Judas there are many Gnostic characteristics that lead us to believe that it is a Gnostic textFirst Jesus is presented as a Gnostic figure who brings secret knowledge to the worldThis information that he shares is not completely understood by his 12 disciples but Judas shows that he believes he understands more than the others of what he must doThe idea of the Gnostic Jesus is not the same as the Catholic Jesus as they believed that he was not a supreme God but rather an individual who brings important knowledge to the people about their being that is they are from a different realm and therefore have a spark of divinity that needs to be released in order to be able to go back to the spiritual realm where they came fromTherefore Jesus is not seen as supremacy but rather as the Divine Redeemera nonhuman who entered the body of a man in order to share his salvific knowledgeHe left the body of Jesus
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