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Health Sciences
Catherine Holtz

Antigen3Some of the B cells become plasma Receptorantigencells producing and secreting AntigencombinationreceptorantibodiesCytokinesfrom helperActivated T cellB cell4Like T cells some of the B cells become memory cells to respond to future encounters with the antigenProliferation5 Antibodymediated immune response is called humoral immune responseClone ofB cellsProliferation andProliferation anddifferentiationdifferentiationReleasedEndoplasmicantibodiesreticulumLTransplantation and Tissue HAntibody ActionsRejectionClone of1Antibodies can react to antigens in three ways 1A transplant recipients immune B cellsdirect attack activation of complement or system may react with foreign stimulation of changes in areas that help prevent the antigens on the surface of the spread of the pathogenstransplanted tissue causing a tissue rejection reaction2Direct attack methods include agglutination precipitation and neutralization of antigens2Close matching of donor and recipient tissues can reduce the 3The activation of complement can produce chances of tissue rejection and use opsonization chemotaxis inflammation orlysis in of immunosuppressive drugs may target cells or antigensreduce rejection although the JPractical Classification of Immunity individual may be more susceptible t
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