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ANAT 1010

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ASSIGNMENTS FOR ANATOMY 1. WILEYPLUS ASSIGNMENTS: worth 20 points a. There are sets of quiz questions that you will find on the WileyPlus Website after you register for Wileyplus (look under COURSE CONTENT for WileyPlus Login) b. The first set of weekly homework assignments is due after the first week of classes, new assignments will appear weekly and must be completed by the due date. THE ONLY WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS ARE THE WILEYPLUS ASSIGNMENTS. c. All assignments are DUE weekly and points (50%) will be DELETED if they are completed LATE (only for assignments dated after the first midterm exam). d. The required material for this course is WILEYPLUS (APPROX. $112) it comes with online learning resources, weekly quiz assignments and an electronic-text (PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN ANATOMY, Tortora 12th, ed) and is available through the Dalhousie Bookstore (902 494 6701). Or you can purchase a hardcover textbook that comes with the WILEYPLUS ACCESS CODE (APPROX.$200). You may also want to order WILEY PLUS CODE on line at the following site: 2. VIRTUAL ANATOMY LABORATORY: worth 10 points a. Please view the labs on the skeletal system and the upper and lower limb b. Please label the structures indicated in the laboratory review exercises (for your own review) and answer the questions in the review assignments (for your own review). Do not submit. THERE ARE NO WEEKLY LAB ASSIGNMENTS, you use the lab material to prepare for the l
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