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Midterm Study Notes

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HIST 2090
Emily Varto

HIST 2090 Midterm Study NotesImportant TermsImperiumThe right to give orders and have them obeyed Granted by the state Important because it allowed complete control for consuls and praetors and allowed for instant decisions in the face of threatsPietasDuty understanding ones dutyCapitolineSacred symbol of the state ties in the ideas of religion state civic life Jupiter Juno and Minerva worshipped at the CapitolineColoniaeColonies to protect the frontiers of LatinRoman cities Allowed Roman influence in other parts of Italy the beginning of Roman expansionMetus GallicusGaulic fear Gaulic threatFoederataConnected by treaty with RomeMunicipium MunicipiaRightsoOptimo jureFull rights full Roman citizenship with voting rightsoSine suffragioTemporary stage of Roman citizenship until loyalty is provenoHospitiumHonorary citizenship no full rightsLucius Junius BrutusExpels the kingsfounder of the republicPraetorImportant annually elected Roman magistrates who held military and civilian imperium Their main responsibility was the supervision of the Roman judicial system and the governance of provincesFidesTrust faith loyalty The price of citizenship for an allied city emphasis on
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