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Cynthia Barkhouse Mckeen

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Cholinergics (Ach) Muscarinic Agonist Muscarinic Antagonist - Atropine Allows PARA + Sweating Blocks PARA + Sweating Heart ↓ HR Heart ↑ HR Exocrine Glands ↑ Secretion (salivary, Exocrine Glands ↓ Secretion bronchial, sweat, stomach) Smooth muscles Constriction of bronchi Smooth muscles Relaxation of bronchi ↑ Tone of urinary muscle ↓ Tone of urinary muscle ↑ Tone/Motility of GI ↓ Tone/Motility of GI Eye Miosis (contraction of pupil) Eye Mydraiasis (dilation of pupil) Contraction of ciliary Cycloplegia (relaxation of muscle—near vision) ciliary muscle—far vision) CNS CNS Excitation, high doses- delirium/ coma Uses: Urinary Retention, Miosis, Glaucoma, Uses: Eye disorders, Bradycardia, for those with xerostomia (dry mouth), increase tear production increased GI motility, PUD, Asthma Adverse Effects: dry mouth, blurred vision, urinary retention, constipation, anhidrosis (decreased sweat), tachycardia Adrenergic Agonists: CATECHOLAMINES NON-CATECHOLAMINES - Available in IV only - Could be used orally - Short duration of action - Longer half life - Do not cross BBB - Can cross BBB - Destroyed by COMT/ MAO (monoamine oxidase) Epinephrine (A/ B) Alpha 1 & 2, beta 1 & 2 Ephedrine Alpha 1 & 2, beta 1 & 2 Fight or flight/ epipen b/c its broad spectrum Norepinephrine Alpha 1 & 2, beta 1 Phenylephrine Alpha 1 Isoproterenol Beta 1 and 2 Terbutaline
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