PHIL 1000Y Study Guide - Robert Merrihew Adams, Divine Command Theory, God Game

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To play the god game, one must believe in god. If you play, the happiness you get if you win is infinite. If there is no proof of god"s existence, then the odds of his existence and heaven must be set at 0. Happiness (infinite) x odds (0) = expected utility (0) Since the expected utility is 0, a rational person would only play the god game if there were no costs. However, there are costs to playing (ex. no drinking, smoking, premarital sex, etc. ), so it is not rational to believe in god. Even if the costs are viewed as benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle, they have nothing to do with going to heaven. Response to the argument against logic, philosophy, science. Firstly, it is only important to believe in god is god"s existence is actually proven.

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