PHIL 1000Y Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Intentional Stance, Folk Psychology, Physicalism

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Mind-brain identity theory: central state materialism, mind = central nervous system. Armstrong: how can a physical being have mental awareness, philosophers need to explain, conscious awareness of the world. Being aware of anything in the world is a 2 part process: part of the brain turns on and produces a bodily response. Could occur without you being aware of it: self-awareness of the world state, mind is the brain. For every mental state, there is only one brain state. Two people can have the same thought if they have the same brain structure. Isn"t true that a certain mental state is a certain brain state: requires too much similarity in brain structure, only creatures with brains like ours can have mental states like ours not true ex. Duncan being sad about his love life, being in pain: all cartesian theories say mental states are one kind of another mental state.

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