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Physics & Atmospheric Science
PHYC 2452
David Langille

PHYC 2451 and 2452 2012/13 Answers to Quizzes and Examinations Section A: Multiple Choice Question Quiz #1 Quiz #2 Final Exam Quiz #3 Quiz #4 Final Exam 2451 2452 A1 d d a b d c A2 d a b d b a A3 a b c a a c A4 a a c c b c A5 b c a a a b A6 c b d b a c A7 a d a b c d A8 a a d c d a A9 d b a c c d A10 b b c c a d Section B: Question Quiz #1 Quiz #2 Final Exam Quiz #3 Quiz #4 Final Exam 2451 2452 B1 Light Year Gamma Rays Saros Magnetogram Sirius B Corona B2 Meridian Wien’s law Oort Cloud Solar wind Asymptotic White Dwarf Giant Branch B3 Tropical Year Lyman Meteorite Main Planetary Sagittarius A Sequence Nebula B4 Right Solar Constant Van Allen Eclipsing Type I Tully-Fisher Ascension Belts Binary Supernova Relation B5 Eclipse Year Chromatic Terrae Absolute
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