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Political Science
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

Monday September 13 2010What is comparative politicsHowards defthe systematic study and comparison of the worlds political systemsWhyHow is it systematicSystematic because you are not writing in a sense of journalistic way Systematic and comparative for different political systems around the world When you study you have a hypothesisresearchanalyze dataconclusion write a paperComparative Politics looks toLooks to explain similarities differences trends etcWhy compareIntellectually stimulatingAvoid ethnocentricism judge from the perspective of your own countryBroadens our viewsEnables us to see how nations changeHelps us understand international relationsforeign policiesstAristotle1 comparativist Studied citystates comparatively1920s1930sComparative Politics develops1950sMost scholars focusing on Western Europe Britain Germany France etc Focus on legal institutions Called Comparative Government First political scientists emerge prior political scientists had background in lawsocietyRevolution in the 1950sNew generation of political scientists emerging Teaching research Focusing more on the informal aspects of political science Constitutions legal aspects focused on prior to 1950 Looking at developing countries untouched on issues Roy Macridies manuscriptThe Study of Comparative GovernmentSince then comp poli is more systematic analyticalWednesday September 15 2010What is Comparative Politics CPThe systematic study and comparison of the worlds political systems Similarities and differences patterns processes and trends between political systems throughout the worldABCAnywhere But CanadaSo we can find common problems evaluations generalizationsWhy study CPBetter understanding of what is going on in the worldPredict the futureNew ideasAvoid ethnocentricism our values and belief systems are better than the restIntellectually stimulatingMethodsStrategiesStatistical AnalysisRational choice model apply economic principles to political phenomena maximize utilityHerbert SimonRationality decision making is bounded limited in our ability to reason imperfect informationAssumption that politics can be studied politicallyCase StudiesLooking at a specific phenomenonrepresentative ex If you want to study a parliamentary system of government study Britain Representative of something prototypical How the future is going to look like something that would be the norm in the future deviant looking at an anomaly going against what one might expect crucial Understanding crucial points ex AfghanistanArea Studiesbroad areas of study European studies African politics etcThematic StudiesTake broad themescomparecontrastFocused ComparisonsTake two countries and compare certain aspectsCategorization Easier to understandStarting pointHowoSimilarities ex Types of government level of freedom stindustrialization quality of life economic stability tiers 1ndrdWestern 2Communist 3Everyone elseMacCormackEconomicGDP per capita purchasing powerPoliticalCorruption Perception Index Government Index Freedom HouseSocialLife expectancy literacy infant mortality ratesDevelopedCommunistPostCommunistNICsLDCsMarginalized StatesIslamic StatesGroup Presentation Dates Oct 18 Liberal Democracy Oct 29Communism Nov 15 NICs Nov 26 LDCs Jan 14 Political CultureJan 21 Media Feb 2 Interest Groups Feb 11 MilitaryPolice March 4 Political Parties March 18 Political CleavagesWednesday September 22 2010Liberal Democracies and Post Communist StatesLiberal democracies postcommunist states new democracies LDCs Islamic countries marginal statesLiberalpostcommunistWhats democracyoSimply defined Rule by the peopleoIs it that simple though
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