Poli Sci 2300X Practice Questions

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Political Science
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

Poli 2300ReviewExample Questions56 questions answer 3 of themUnderstand democratic consolidation Reference to LDCsLiberal democracy 56 country casesWhat comparative politics How are the methodologies used One theoretical question What are the major ambitions of Comp Poli Why study Comp Poli What are the core methodologies of Comp PoliIgnore policymaking covered next semesterThink about how McCormack divided the countries havent covered Haiti If you have the categorization of countries what are the defining characteristics Liberal democracy LDC postcommunist new democracyWhat are the challenges that any comparativist may face on their research projectscomparative projectsIgnore public policyDoes the category of postcommunist secondworld still have any analytical usefulness Are these countries now displaced in McCormacks other categories Justify your answers with reference to specific cases ex Russia
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