Poli Sci 2300- Y Exam Prep Notes

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Political Science
POLI 2300Y
Peter Arthur

Friday April 1 2011Exam ReviewMilitary police and civil societyMilitary as the subordinate to nonmilitary government officials are responsible for a defending the country and b developing into a professional fighting force Looking at the current developments worldwide do we see these traditional roles as the pivotal ones Provide examplesEx Middle East countries covered in class Go over cases finished last term political structure institutions etcWhat role do military police and civil society may not get all three but be prepared have in a countrys public policy making Are they all effective in influencing the government in any way Giving examples of two countries argue in favor of your answerHintsthink of different categories of countriesSpecific examples or choose own countriesMediaAlthough media content is influenced by cultural social and economic factors media organizations have a hig
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