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Poli Sci 2300X Practice Questions

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 2300X
Peter Arthur

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Poli 2300 – Review + Example Questions
5-6 questions, answer 3 of them
Understand democratic consolidation********* Reference to LDCs?
Liberal democracy, 5-6 country cases
“What comparative politics? How are the methodologies used? ” – One theoretical
question. What are the major ambitions of Comp Poli? Why study Comp Poli?
What are the core methodologies of Comp Poli?
Ignore policy-making, covered next semester
Think about how McCormack divided the countries (haven’t covered Haiti). If you have
the categorization of countries, what are the defining characteristics? (Liberal democracy,
LDC, post-communist, new democracy)
What are the challenges that any comparativist may face on their research
projects/comparative projects?
Ignore public policy
Does the category of post-communist, second-world still have any analytical usefulness?
Are these countries now displaced in McCormacks other categories? Justify your answers
with reference to specific cases. (ex. Russia – transition – place Russia as a liberal
democratic country? Why or why not can Russia be considered post-communist
compared to liberal democracy?)
Are LDCs becoming major economic powers? Can they transcend to the next level? Is
democracy consolidated in LDCs?
What are similarities and differences between different political institutions (liberal
democratic vs. LDC or post-communist)?
What are political changes that will make India more democratic than it is?
Compare the functioning of parliamentary democracy of Japan/Britain to the presidential
system of South Africa.
Is South Africa going to be a democracy similar to Britain or Japan?
Compare the formal political institutions (legislative/judicial) of India and China. How
important have their historical relevance been in shaping these countries?
Evolution of political institutions
Impact of political institutions on development – Does political institutions have
any impact on development of countries? Why/How?
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