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DALPOLI 2520Brian BowFall

POLI 2520- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 88 pages long!)

OC231415688 Page
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DALPOLI 2300YPeter ArthurWinter

Poli Sci 2300- Y Exam Prep Notes

OC122753 Page
Middle east, countries covered in class: go over cases finished last term (political structure, institutions, etc. ) Giving examples of two countries,
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DALPOLI 2300XPeter ArthurFall

POLI 2300X Study Guide - Final Guide: Liberal Democracy, African National Congress, Sonia Gandhi

OC1227543 Page
The systematic study and comparison of the worlds political systems. Systematic because you are not writing in a sense of journalistic way. Systematic
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DALPOLI 3311Peter ArthurFall

POLI 3311 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Atlantic Slave Trade, Periphery Countries, Subsistence Economy

OC1227514 Page
Contact with other parts of the world (trade routes) Ethnic: ethnicity was fluid - weren"t strict identities; malleable. Gender: women had more politic
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DALPOLI 2300XPeter ArthurFall

Poli Sci 2300X Practice Questions

OC122752 Page
Think about how mccormack divided the countries (haven"t covered haiti). If you have the categorization of countries, what are the defining characteris
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