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SOSA 2502 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Whig History, Relativism, Sociality

Soc & Social Anthropology
Course Code
SOSA 2502
Emma Whelan
Study Guide

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Mid-Term Exam Review
Multiple choice and long answer
40 marks
Concepts and theories
Important people
Info that has been repeated
Info in bold
Readings: text book chapters and case studies
Technological determinism: argument that technology precedes and drives social
development; technology can be intrinsically oppressive or liberating
Nature vs. culture in biomedical model: nothing about medical knowledge is culture
laden; but there are many critiques to this
AIDS is a social construction:
o Our knowledge of AIDS is social
o 3rd position: cannot distinguish between AIDS itself and our knowledge of
AIDS, and AIDS knowledge is purely social so refuting the position of
positivism that we can directly access nature
Positivism: have faith in science because you can directly access nature, positive
knowledge of the world; proposition between the faith and reality, the root to true
knowledge of reality through science
Picture of fetus: is affected by society and thus affects us; society influences
technology and then technology influences society gives new importance to the
pro-life movement because it shows fetus as a separate thing from the mother that
can have
o Marx: power is something you have
o Foucault: power is a relationship within positions in society
o Wherever there is power there is resistance looks at subtle forms of power
(Panopticon example being watched so you come to watch yourself)
o Resistance: doing anything unexpected; refuse what we are being classified
as in the society we live in; refusing the categories that are placed upon us
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