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SOSA 2502 Study Guide - Final Guide: Identity Politics, Repetitive Strain Injury, Narrative

Soc & Social Anthropology
Course Code
SOSA 2502
Emma Whelan
Study Guide

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Gadow (self-body dialect)
Priary iediay: efore you get sik, take ody for grated; lied ody
Disrupted immediacy: self constrained by body in illness; body in conflict with the
self; ojet ody
Cultivated immediacy: adapt to body; transcendence of conflict and opposition
etee self ad ody; reoiliatio etee lied ody ad ojet ody
Aesthetic immediacy: some people never get to; appreciation of the body as having
its own perspective, its own self; both have a claim on the person; self gives up its
priay; sujet ody
Medicine defines problems as induvial problem, as natural
ADHD is a social problem because it exists in a social setting, mostly in a classroom,
but we make it an individual problem to be treated with drugs
Critiques of Parson Consensus Model
Assumption that everything works well; doctors and patients know how to behave;
doctors role is to integrate patients back into the community
Parsons admitted that doctor-patient relationship is problematic because doctors
cannot always get people well again (ex. Patients that have chronic illness)
o Does not work well with chronic problems
Doctors and patients do not always conform to their roles
Biopsychosocial model
Being ill involves more than what is going on in the body it is social as well as
Increasingly recognized in disciplines holism
Biosocial model: physicians should incorporate different aspects of the patient
Critique: the way it gets used in health care is that a lot of your health is under your
control, part of your mental state (illness is a social or psychological choice people
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