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Study Guide for First Exam

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MUSC 1220
K.Barrington- Foote

MUSC 1220Western Music II 16001800 Study Guide for First Examth16century madrigalNormally written for four voices that are fullytextedPoetry is set line by line in a basically chordal style animated with points of imitation and without rhetorical extremes1540 became denser in texture more eloquent and more serious1550 more chromaticismNAWM 52 53 54 55 60 66 67pp 126 127134 136 139 140 1591517Beginning of the ReformationMartin Luther posted 95 Theses on door of Wittenberg Castle Church on October 31AnthemA polyphonic sacred work in English for Anglican religious servicesVerse anthem there are sections or verses for one or more soloists with instrumental accompaniment alternate with sections for full chorusFull anthem entirely choralNAWM 46pp 166167 327328Bas thth In the 1416 centuries a term for soft instruments such as vielles and harpspp 85 99Binary formA form comprised of two sections each of which is repeated First section usually ends on dominant or relative major could be tonic or other key and second section ends on tonic thth Standard form for dances in 17 and 18 centuriesNAWM 62a 85b 91d 94pp 142 207 226227 235 271 330331 332 346The Book of the CourtierWritten in 1528 by Baldassare CastiglioneWas a manual on proper behavior at court in the pretense of conversations at the dukes place in Urbinopp 93 125126Broken consort th Common later in the 16 centuryConsisted of an ensemble using instruments from different familiespp 142143Castiglione Baldassare14781529 diplomat and author of The Book of the CourtierEmphasized that people should be able to read notated music 1PageMUSC 1220Western Music II 16001800Was also a courtier and a poetpp 93 125 126ChapelA group of salaried musicians and clerics employed by a ruler nobleman church official or other patron who officiate at and furnish music for religious servicesChoraleStrophic hymn in the Lutheran tradition intended to be sung by the congregation in GermanMany chorales were newly composedChorales could also come from adaptations of secular and devotional songs or Latin chantsNAWM 44bd 97 98fpp 152 154155 157 261262ChromaticismThe use of many notes from the chromatic scale in a passage or pieceExpressed intense emotion in vocal worksSuggested harmony exploration in instrumental piecesCreated distinctive subjects for treatment in imitative counterpointNAWM 2 55pp 129 132133 162 187 197 220 273 353354 448 461 466467 470 477 481 498 502503 509 510 514 540 543 604 613Concerto delle donneEnsemble of ladiesA trio of trained singers appointed as ladiesinwaiting to the musicloving Margherita GonzagaEstablished in 1580 by Alfonso dEste duke of Ferrarapp 128 139 196ConsortConsists of an ensemble using instruments from the same familypp 142143 220ContrafactumThe practice of replacing the text of a vocal work with a new text while the music remains essentially the sameCould include clever reworkings of existing poemspp 152 154 603 604Cori spezzatibrokendivided choirsNAWM 65pp 150 208 221Council of TrentCouncil of the Church convened by Pope Paul III with meetings between 1545 and 1563Prohibited use of tropes and all but a few sequences 2Page
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