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Paralegal Studies
PLBA 103
Carolyn Mc Lean

Contract Law review Long question - write a contract Case law – Gilbert steel, London drugs, carbolic smoke ball, 1. What is contract? 2. Give an example of a contract. 3. Explain a contract. a. Mutual meeting of the mind b. Offer and acceptance c. Consideration 4. Why you need to know contract law? 5. Offers; offeror and offeree 6. Guidelines for types of statements, whether or not a statement is an offer. 7. Different aspects of communication of a an offer. Verbal written 8. Bait and switch? Why is it not legal? 9. When an offer seems to be open for acceptance a. Lapse of time b. Capacity c. Rejection d. Counter offer – switching of roles e. Revocation 10.When an offer is accepted the contract exists. 11.Acceptance. What is it ? a. Four main elements b. Two forms – promise, bilateral (more common) and unilateral 12.Gratuitous promise – not enforceable 13.Different forms of communication. Words; written or verbal. Silence; if theres a preexitent relationship. 14.Instantaneous vs. non instantaneous communication a. No delay (instantaneous) b. Delay by mail (non instantaneous) 15.All are effective when the offeror receives it except of non-instantaneous 16.Consideration a. Five points with respect i. Must be mutual ii. Can be positive or negative iii. Must move from both sides but not necessarily to each othe
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