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Political Science
POLS 320
Danillo Viana

Political Science 1G06 2012 Lecture 1a What is Political? Where is political? Defining our terms Government - According to Dickerson and Flanagan, “Government…has to do with compulsion, not voluntary decision making. Government is a specialized activity of those individuals that make and enforce public decisions that are binding upon the whole community (p4)” - Is governmental hierarchy necessary for social life? Do we need government? - One way of answering this hypothetical question is by applying Game Theory, particularly the Prisoners Dilemma - Game theory is a way of modelling and predicting how human beings will interact given specific circumstances and assumptions - 1. It makes the assumption that people are rational - 2. It makes the further assumption that they would benefit more from cooperation than non-cooperation - 3. It makes a final assumption that cheating on an agreement will produce greater individual benefits than cooperating, o Provided that other parties still uphold their end of the agreement - Prisoners Dilemma asks the question of what is the most likely outcome, given these assumptions, in an environment where
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