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1 Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences Discuss aWhatareasofknowledgewaysofknowingshouldbeinvestigatedThe arts the natural sciences ethics bWhatsthequestiongettingatThe question is asking about the way in which ethical judgements can impinge on the way we both create rather than interpret the arts and the natural sciences Basically its leading students on to an exploration of controversies within the arts and the natural sciences in terms of the subject matter they deal with cWhatarethepotentialknowledgeissuesTo what extent do ethical considerations constrain the way the arts are created To what extent do ethical considerations limit natural science experimentation and research For more ideas check out section 10 of the EssayGuide dWhatsortofreallifesituationscanbedrawnonWere interested in examples of where artists and scientists have been hampered or encouraged by ethical judgements There are many readymade examples for the natural sciences For the arts it is perhaps not so straightforward but there are still lots of examples of ethically questionable works of art In terms of counterclaims it is the arts that are better served by real life situations with plenty of pieces produced in order to tackle and produce ethical judgements But here too you should be able to find scientific knowledge that has been discovered in order to solve ethical problems Youll find more specific examples in the last section of the Guide eWhatarethedifficultiesandchallengesofthisquestionThe question is perhaps a little confusingly worded but it is clear in terms of the areas of knowledge to be tackled Including personal examples will be trickier in this question than finding outside examples 2 When the only tool you have is a hammer all problems begin to resemble nails Abraham Maslow How might this apply to ways of knowing as tools in the pursuit of knowledge aWhatareasofknowledgewaysofknowingshouldbeinvestigatedThe question is a broad one and allows students to focus on their own choice of WOKs It also potentially allows students to bring in the AOKs as wellparticularly naturalhuman sciences the scientific method history the historical method and the arts creation of art
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