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Langara College
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CPSC 1045

Final Exam Review 1. know binary search algorithm 2. know BigO notation (#n times an algorithm is being executed) - for loops - sorting 3. set up a Binary search tree {12, 8, 5, 25, 9...} left side holds the smallest value 12 8 25 5 9 4. Algorithm to insert a node into a Binary Search Tree: 1. Check if the value is greater or less than 2. Check if you can go to the left/right 3. If not, set up the node 4. If you can, insert the node and value insert(node n, value v) { if(v < n.value) { if(n.left == null) n.left = v; else insert(n.left, v); ... } if(v > n.value)... } insert(v) { if(root = null) root = v; else insert(root, v); } 5. Why do we use generics instead of using Object as a reference type? A: objects might have to be casted while with generics you always know what you are dealing with in term of type/properties 6. Making a class and methods generic? 7. Something about class Cat and Dog extending an An
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