COMM-1206EL Study Guide - Final Guide: Signature Block, Financial Audit, Accounting Management

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Organizing ideas and information logically and completely. Expressing and presenting ideas and information coherently and persuasively. Communicating effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Following accepted standards of grammar, spelling and other aspects of high-quality writing and speaking. Communicating in a civilized manner that re ects contemporary expectations of business etiquette. Present information in a concise ef cient manner. Effective communication: a way of communicating ideas that are easily understood and your message is presented clearly to your audience. It allows for improved business relationships and enhances your professional image. Communication process: it is how an idea created by a sender gets his/her idea out to an audience and with then get feedback from that idea. The sender then puts this idea into a message that will be distributed to the audience. This message is the put into a medium (a form the message takes that you will use to place into a channel and send to your audience)

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