COST-2606EL Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fakir Musafar, Anorexia Nervosa, Plastic Surgery

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13 Mar 2018

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Mentoplasty: females generally have shorter, wider necks then their male counterparts. False: irezumi is the traditional ______ form of tattooing. Japanese: in orthodox judaism, a woman can only expose her hair to her husband. True: historically, a man with longer hair (cid:449)as thought to (cid:271)e . Vi ile: isobel caro was a french model who posed naked to expose the truth about anorexia nervosa. True: a locket is named for what it was origi(cid:374)ally (cid:373)ea(cid:374)t to (cid:272)o(cid:374)tai(cid:374) (cid:449)hi(cid:272)h (cid:449)as . Hair: when a man or woman becomes a janist monk or nun they have their hair plucked from their head by friends and family 2 or 3 stands at a time. True: when women wear high heels their center of balance shifts making them appear more precarious causing males of the species to feel more protective of them. True: hair i(cid:374) (cid:373)ost (cid:272)ultures is i(cid:373)(cid:271)ued (cid:449)ith sexual meaning, o(cid:374)e(cid:859)s i(cid:374)a(cid:271)ility to see the(cid:373)sel(cid:448)es as they a(cid:272)tually are, is (cid:272)alled .

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