ECON-1006EL Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Wield, Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, Nicaragua V. United States

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Security council of the world: chapter v. 5 have permanent membership (art. para. 1: p5" = can be changed by procedure of art. Primary responsibility for maintenance of international peace and security (art. Unc: if sc determines existence of threat to/ breach of international peace and security (art. 39: it can take measures to maintain/ restore peace and security, incl. use of force: ch. Vii: revolutionary as usually use of force (art. Misconceptions: only non-procedural matters can p5 veto on, unsc is binding only upon chapter vii, resolutions are binding: art. 27 unc: procedural matters need qualified majority 9/15 ms, all other matters need 9/15 including yes" from p5 no from a p5 = veto (27(3), what if p5 members abstain? (icj namibia adv. Korea crisis (1950): sc benefitted from ussr"s absence adopted resolution mandating ms come to assistance of south korea: absence is equated to abstention not blocking adoption of resolution.