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Study Guides for PSYC-281 at MacEwan University (MACEWAN)

MACEWANPSYC-281Russell PowellWinter

PSYC 281- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 37 pages long!)

OC111627237 Page
12 Oct 2017
Concurrent schedule: type of complex schedule that consists of two or more simple schedules that are simultaneously available. Pigeon in box with two r
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MACEWANPSYC-281Russell PowellWinter

[PSYC 281] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (63 pages long)

OC111627263 Page
30 Mar 2017
Be able to define watsons (will be asked) There are 3 aspects to behavioural pscyh. Philosophy of behaviourism: set of assumptions and how best to stud
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[PSYC 281] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (28 pages long)

OC88598428 Page
29 Mar 2017
281 chapter 1: introduction to principles of behaviour: what is behaviour, anything a person or other animal does that can be measured (skinner, 1938)
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