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Nb: figures refer to the textbook, lodish et. al, 6th edition. Protein conformation and distinctive chemical properties of amino side chains determine its. Dna mrna protein (mrna, rrna, trna mirna, snrna etc. ) We need dna to make proteins, and proteins to make everything else. Structural rigidity: catalysis: intra and extracellular reactions, transport: regulate flow of materials across the membrane (ex. Hemoglobin: regulatory: sensor/switches to control cell function, motor: motion. Remove h from one, oh from other to form water. Can make disulfide bonds good to stabilize the chain (e. g. cysteine residues keep dna stuck to chromatin. Derived by tertiary and quaternary structure, which depends on amino acid sequence. Responsible for moving other proteins, organelles, cells, and even organisms. Determine shapes of cells and extracellular environment. Serve as guide wires or rails to direct intracellular movement of molecules and organelles. > bring proteins together into ordered arrays to fulfill functions more efficiently.

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