BIOL 205 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Equilibrium Thermodynamics, Autopoiesis, Negative Feedback

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10 Feb 2016
1) Origins
For creation of planet, size = super important.
Since appeared, matter and E interacted
H, C , He, Li First synthetised = Pre biological synthesis (elements synthetised before life
Then radiation was used as an energy source and organic compounds were synthetised.
Pre-biotic molecules complex arose = constant exchange of material and E with environment
Life finally appeared
Life was bound to appear a continuation of chemical evolution.
Living state = non equilibrium always evolve:
Life needs both degradation and synthesis to occur allows system to maintain itself and avoid
But (according to first law thermodynamics) system always moves towards equilibrium. When reach
equilibrium = death = no entropy
2) Chemical elements used in life
Life possible thanks to H,C,N,O ( can all form long chain of polymer = multiple evolutionary
Special organisation of matter = self regulating/organising/renewing
Possibility that life came from Si/Ammonium
3) Organisms characteristics
Can have some similar characteristic with non-living but non-living doesn’t have ALL of them
Are thermodynamically open (take in food + E and reject waste) but organisationally closed + out
of equilibrium
- Will exchange with enviro, but energy remains constant
Prygogine (scientist) : invented non equilibrium thermodynamics : Flow of energy in systems , that
will organize it, state is maintained by flow If flow changed, will change whole system allow to
describes living system
-Continuously replacement of our bodies: bones = 18 months, muscles = 3 months
Organism = self organizing autopoietic system
Organism = negative entropy : exchange with enviro but are not in equilibrium. Equilibrium = death
-Homeostasis : maintenance of internal environment VS big change in exterior one ( Ex: If outside T
go +20, inside T doesn’t change, we just sweat ) Necessitates a feedback system that sense the
disturbance and counter interact it
Organism can be separated in conformers VS regulator (can shield itself from enviro)
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