CHEM 183 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Camp Funston, Angioplasty, Listerine

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CHEM 183 Full Course Notes
CHEM 183 Full Course Notes
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Daraprim- martin shrekli - most hated man in america (. 50 - / pill) Uroscopy flask doctor symbol + uroscopy wheel by urine colo:r foggy=infection, yellow vitamin b2 (excess riboflavin) H1n1 flu- more deaths than wwi and wwii - (ex: at camp funston at fort riley, kansas there were sleep screens) Found difference in bacterial and viral pneumonia using dna sequencing from alaskan permafrost. World health organization- eradication of disease through vaccination saved 40 million people in 20 years. Guinea worm disease- nematode through skin dranunculus- cleaning drinking water resolved it. Chagas disease caused by protozoan paraside trypnosomacruz- darwin discovered it (darwin died from dropsy aka congestive heart failure) kissing bug - parasitic symptoms that recur 10- 20 years later cysteine protease a. a. fights it. Swollen esophagus from radiations --> balloon angioplasty and anti-fungal drug (ketoconazole) > trillion in prescription drugs/year, billion in north american, million in canada. Otc: billion in north america, million in canada.