CHEM 183 Study Guide - Fall 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Food And Drug Administration, Cancer, Poison

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CHEM 183 Full Course Notes
CHEM 183 Full Course Notes
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27 in 2018 up until august luthatera & erleada -cancer, biktarvy- infection examples of big pharma) Daraprim- most hated man in america (. 50 - / pill) In 1989 way back when there weren"t many health issues - media gives misconceptions of. Uroscopy flask doctor symbol + uroscopy wheel by urine colo:r foggy=infection, yellow vitamin b2 (excess riboflavin) Important to think of psychological aspect of seeing a doctor- feel better after just seeing a professional psychological part of healing is not trivial. Japan leads in life expectancy- 84 woman kane tanaka (115), switzerland 82, sweden 82, Us is 32nd best, sierra leone is 50 jeanne calament. H1n1 flu grip 1918-1919 most deaths> wwi, wwii, vietnam, korea at camp. Funston in fort riley, kansas they put up sneeze screens . Alaskan permafrost bacterial pneumonia vs viral (shown in dna sequencing) 2017-2018 virus 36% effective about 600,000 deaths worldwide still a fraction of past deaths improvements not cured.