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Anatomy & Cell Biology
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ANAT 261
Craig A.Mandato

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This is just some examples of questions they could ask on the exam For the multiple parts questions you would probably have 810 parts but they should tell you the exact pattern in one of the lectures Some of these questions were there on the last years exam and some before that so knowing the answers would definitely help you for the exam1 Describe the structure epithelial components and function of the gastric glandfundusbody 2 Describe the structure and function of the epiphyseal plate 3 Describe and compare cartilage and compact bone 4 Describe the structure and function of the terminal bouton 5 Describe the whole process of tooth formation 6 Describe the juxtaglomerular apparatus 7 Write brief notes on a Intercalated disc b Muscular artery c Intercellular junctions of epithelial cells d Sarcoplasmic reticulum in skeletal muscle fibers e Compare arterioles and venules f Respiratory epithelium g Taste buds h Pneumocyte typeII cell i Circumvallate papilla8 Describe briefly the structure function and characteristics of the following a Actin filaments b Hair follicle c Alphaactinin d Desmosomes e Melanocytes f Haversiancanalandvolkmannscanal g Carbonic anhydrase h Triad structure
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