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McGill University
Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 321

ANAT 321 - 2009 Practice Midterm Examination 1. Which of the following neurons can receive direct synaptic connections from dorsal root ganglion cells. A. Neurons in the external cuneate nucleus B. Alpha motor neurons C. Neurons in the reticular formation D. Neurons in nucleus cuneatus 2. Which of the following statements about MYELIN are correct? A. Myelin is derived from the cell membrane of oligodendrocytes or Schwann cells. B. Myelin is found only at the nodes of Ranvier. C. Myelin contains molecules that inhibit axon growth and regeneration. D. Thinner the myelin sheath, faster the rate of conduction of the action potential. 3. A branch of an axon of a neuron in Clarke’s nucleus may terminate in which of the following A. Nucleus cuneatus B. External cuneate nucleus C. Ventral horn D. Nucleus gracilis 4. Which of the following contain preganglionic autonomic neurons. A. Inferior salivatory nucleus B. Dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus C. Nucleus ambiguous D. Nucleus solitarius.   2  5. Left fasciculus gracilis at a cervical level may contain which of the following: A. An axon from a neuron in the left sacral dorsal horn B. An axon innervating a muscle spindle C. An axon from a neuron in a left lumbar dorsal root D. An axon from a neuron in Clarke’s nucleus 6. Which of the following will interfere with deep tendon (muscle spindle) reflexes in the left knee. A. Destruction of left Clarke’s nucleus B. Destruction of left fasciculus gracilis at a lumbar level C. Destruction of the right anterior lateral column at a lumbar level D. Destruction of left lumbar dorsal roots 7. A neuron within the left red nucleus may: A. Project an axon to the left thalamus B. Receive a direct axonal connection from the right cerebellum C. Project an axon to the left inferior olive D. Project an axon to the left spinal cord 8. Which of the following cross the midline: A. Dorsal trigeminothalamic tract B. Trochlear nerve C. Cuneocerebellar tract D. Superior cerebellar peduncle
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