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ANTH 202
Eduardo Kohn

MAKING THE FAMILIAR STRANGE AND THE STRANGE FAMILIAR 1 Riddle of the Sphinx Greek Mythology Hitchhikers guide the Galaxy Sphinx of the Amazon The Sphinx is said to have guarded the entrance to the Greek What is the answer to life the universe Sphinxjaguar city of Thebes everything Humans relate to nonhuman beings Asked a riddle to traveler to allow them passage into the city o answer 42 o live by hunting hunt other beings with other beings o if unable to answer she killed them The computer added to the answer Only o When sleeping in the jungle if the jaguar sees your when you know the question will you o if able to answer she let them pass face he will back off know the meaning to the answer Which creature walks on four legs in the morning two legs o But if you do not sleep on your back but your side Science Fiction We are strange and by in the afternoon and three legs in the evening or your stomach he will see you as dead meat as using sci fi as a tool we are able to learn Oedipus solved the riddle by answering man prey more about ourselves o 4 baby o The jaguar sees you as itWhat is man o 2 walking adultWhat does it ask you What is human o 3 old man with caneAre you preyBut what does the answer tell about the questionHow do you answer How you ask is how you answer the questionFacing ityou are a jaguar Sphinx of the AmazonSphinxjaguarHumans relate to nonhuman beings live by hunting hunt other When sleeping in the jungle if But if you do not sleep on your back but The jaguar sees you as itbeings with other beings the jaguar sees your face he your side or your stomach he will see youWhat does it ask you Are you preywill back off as dead meat as preyHow do you answer Facing ityou are a jaguar Sphinx is usually a half human half feline creature What goes on 4 What goes on 2 What goes on 3 we are animals bipedal Elderly mammals beings are distinction from animals Mediation between us and the world languageWhere does the world begin and man endcultureThe end of the canesocietyThe hand of the mantools senses clothes beliefs We are mortal aging not distinct because we all die central to our lives2 Strangeness and Depth Balinese CockfightGeertz 2005 Forest of BlissGardner film FIELDWORK STRANGENESS AND OTHERNESS OBSERVATION SUBJECTS AND THE Working in a place FAMILIARITY Balinese village dealt with Except for landlord and the village chief OBJECTS FIELD where people live Became familiar with the them like how they always culture is something that is public Balinese village Being and relate to each village after acting as everyone deal with people not part of social and visual expression cockfightwithin the other Studying else did their life who yet press wants to understand meaning Who you are environmehuman themselves upon them act observing andeveryone was pleasedcockfight is something meaning to the nt of your environments not as though they werent there interacting with that they demonstrated Balinese subjects just exotic places their lifestylenonpersons solidarity with the Livingmetaphor of who are they and what Strange exoticand what villagersspecters they are in their nature talking geographically objects make up experienci the other part involvesinvisible menthe men are the ones who are fighting foreign not all their lifestyle ng The doing this is shedding animiality any behaviour rather than the cocks deep things we learn is Balinese human light on something of our regarded as animallike is psychological identification of Balinese about are foreign Cockfight way of society repulsed men and their cocks similar jokes and View things as Culture is being howhow going to strange uninventive obscenities Court trials fresheating crawling something that we hang places becomes familiar wars political contests inheritance defecation is public social o capture a out and disputes and street arguments are allmake sense of it even if and visual feelingincest must lesser we learn compared to cock fights we find it disturbing expression interview people crime than bestialitythrough goal is to interpret experiences not to wants to make mapssomething we thought slowingtreat animals except answer our deepest questions but make understand archival collections was familiar about our down cock with phobic available to us the answers they have given Meaning collecting own way of doing things Stepping cruelty us Cockfight is tape collections might seem strange cockidentify with self and out of our o he was not accepted by them until he something plants Forest of Bliss we understand comfort his fears hates and the reacted the way the villagers did meaning the Profoundly something about life yet we zone from powers of darkness Forest of Bliss Immersed in sensory Balinese destabilizes uslearn nothing factual about our culture experience RAW unedited footage because were doing Benares India strange and to another something were familiar sensory flaky one we feeling changing Strange becomes familiar are able to reality improve keeps our eyes open see our reality using what juxtaposes what they say in a own weve experienced different society with their own culturestrange disturbing place and complex attempting to make sense of it whole3 Ways of Anthropological Knowing Grief and a Headhunters RageRosaldo The Ax FightAsch film Divine Horsemen The Living Gods of HaitiDeren film Participant Observation Ways of Anthropological KnowingEthnography CultureObjectivitySubjeMeaning hang out involves the workings and limits of Researching and exploring a Headhunters Rage only ctivity as take part in daily culture cultural phenomenon To by having deep The Ax Fight club discussed activity while observing explore a culture and inform experiences you deeply fight shown film in the textsculture culture or civilization main method to learn ourselves understand what society without context so far taken in its broad ethnographic the object of our studies Headhunters Rage Some was aboutdoesnt and with context You go to sense is that complex whole are subjects things in society are means you have to edited then another which includes knowledge belief completely unintelligible until understand complex correct true society topeople are not art morals law custom and any we experience them the kinship systemyou cant context sense of reflect on objects other capabilities and habits deepest things are not the understand feelings until confusion of your own acquired by people as we have to complex but the simplest you yourself have unedited and raw society memberss of societyEB immerse ourselves thingsonly when his wife experienced them footage reflecting Tylor Primitive Culture 1871watch how they dies does he feel how grief and The Ax Fight complexities Thunk added in on theparticipant observation react to us as death can take control of his of social life even in a as an effect of processpeopleAnthropology is a scienceaction primitive communitysomeone getting what gives o Do they treat o gather data empirically kinship different to hit me the us like objects o data of how others live The Ax Fight Weird properties westernized family there scientificobjectivright to Geertz experience of anthropology comes are no such things as e film yet it was study o ethnography forward in the filmfierce friendsstill heavily edited othershow do we react people Yanomami believed is Lineage is a group of in the final cut o capture the textured way of to our how our ancestors behaved yet people living together whoexperience surroundings they may be so fierce because are connected by virtue of o thick descriptions o subjective life anthropologists are therefact that they have o writing about being there is as o willy nilly steel tools are introduced by descended from a important as being there o participating Europeans common ancestor observanceEuropean man observes what he Social classes upper and observing caused and our objects are our middle lower all these participants subjects different roles in western challenge is becomingDivine Horsemen music and society is similar to kinship aware of thisrhythm everyone equallyresponds to musicthe Culture is an unsure anthropologists enters something concept what is natural in unknown our society is actuallyTraditional way of doing thingsculturenature and go to a society and immerse selves culture are complementary in the society 4 Becoming Strange On Alternating SoundsBoas Introduction Coming of Age in SamoaMead Body Ritual Among the NaciremaMiner Microcultural Incidents in Ten ZoosBirdwhistell and Van Vlack film Context Anthropologys Early Defamiliarization Cultural Comparison On Alternating Sounds Boas was founder of Focus on Primitive Body RitualComing of Age in the study she studies to American Culture anthropology envisioned Societies somebody describing american society Samoa and spends time with adolescent girls how it could fight racism Divine Horsemen by making it look strange30s 40s 50s in the US adolescent was a Boas found that people were mishearing the dancingvoodoo ritualssnacirema stormy time if girls took part in premartial languagethey got it wrong because they Divine spirits that are a society and the practice of sex the social fabric would tear apart werent paying attention to linguistic context link between the anthropology in Samoa this was not the case what we think is Phenomenon that linked both the observer invisible mortaldivineThe author creates the effect of natural adolescents is stormy is something and the observed Scientsits used own realm religion that distance in the society to make it culture backdrop to learn a new language connects many different appear foreign uses third personit is our socialcultural contextbut you Boas learned language of the people but also Hatian tribes narration to make the culture can only see this if you go to another learning the mistakes that people made who On Alternating Sounds appear strange defamiliarizes all society were studying the language learn about phonologists studying things that are natural medical What we think of our body in our societywhat categories of observers exotic language science washrooms He refers to is natural in nature The Axe Fight Reading everything as an historical development them as rituals what we assumethat is something culture aggression used his backdrop and context to of languages tobe natural is shown in cultureif its cultural we can critique it and adjust understand a different culture behaviour is The Axe Fight Film of it critiques anthropology only meaningful in context Yanomami it for the betterhow would you feel if our culture Context of the Complex WholeCulture Most articles are writtenbut we must emmurse ourselves into these was described this way it sounds Getting the context wrong by mishearing50 years ago cultures cultural shock funny but makes it foreign this is but you can understand their own context bymany writers willthe way we critique culture and nature is how we describe other people in how they respond and how they misheard use words such as this objective way not how we important things primitive but its want to be talked aboutMicroCultural Incidents Nature is the same but A challenge is the perception of languages so okay to use levels objectively studying the reactions to nature Understand you hear things according to the kinds of of organizationculture different cultural takes to nature compare them experiences youve hadand if you dontsimplethe kinds notice this assumption the difference is withdances special costumes know the other side of the context you will of institutions they culture not the external forcenature insert own context into the pieces youveits on our bodyminor havemorals missed movements we makeattraction to go to if everything you see is some society and is in the Contexthow much if affects how we see thepeople watch animals at the zoo an island with few context of said society you can never judge world in different ways some feed only people what you themit is the logic of their societyis there something we share with the animals some feed themselves can do on an island once you understand everything in cultural world and the animal that you cannot do context then your moral framework also
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