ANTH 202 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Lewis H. Morgan, Patrilineality, Friedrich Ratzel

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Terms: anthropology: study of human difference and how they connect with each other. Comes from inside: reflexivity: be aware of own biases hen looking at others and reflect back on yourself. This affects the way you study and draw conclusions. Allows us to see what were not looking for: positionality: point of view, no longer objective observer, less authoritarian and more subjective. Realize where you are when looking at others and how that is influencing you: emic vs. etic: narrator viewpoints, western construct, no right/wrong. Emic- actor oriented, ask questions, explanations etic- observer oriented, focus on what you notice and consider importance: overlapping circles vs. billiard ball model of culture: sealed/unique ball that are independent but collide against each other. Can overlap and be within two different ones. In the land of the headhunters: edward kurtis fictional story through lens of real practice. (naida, Problem is that it romanticizes native experiences and idealizes history.

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