ANTH 209 Study Guide - Winter 2019, Comprehensive Final Exam Notes - Judaism, Totem, Émile Durkheim

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A way of doing research about groups, communities, peoples, and their customs and habits. A way of writing about and analyzing this research. How people understand what they are doing, people should speak for themselves, human relationship. Be involved, but keeping distance for observation. Thick description, interpretation, understanding through informants" categories, making connections. Bridge-building still dealing with differences, very assimilated into the culture. An ethnographic study such as mama lola [] Vodou is a way of grappling with hardship, healing. A narrative analysis of the religious practice of haitian vodou. Relationships between human beings and the lwa. Spirits are human-like and come and go as they please. Lwa are larger than life, but not other". Use of bodies in very thorough ways. Forging relationships between people and spirits (based on need) Collection of things that give the world a meaningful order. Vodou is about relationships and making a community. Transactions between people and spirits are what really matter.

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