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Asian Language & Literature
EAST 211
Rebecca Doran

EAST 211 Midterm Review Inclass midterm review February 7 2012FORMAT Three sections 1 Multiple choice answer 15 out of 20 questions each worth 2 points worth30 altogether2 Short ID answer 7 out of 10 questions each worth 5 points worth 35altogethersame as in the quiz just slightly longer3 Essay answer one out of 3 choices worth 35 altogether essay questionswill deal with broad themes that we have returned to over the course of thesemester thus far for example conceptions of kingship the meaning of the goodor moral life the relationship between literatureculture and politicsNote The exam will be cumulative with a slight emphasis on materials that we have covered after the first quiz that is the First Emperor of Qin and after Additionally the exam is not openbook you will not be allowed to use paper or electronic resources during the examCONTENTThe study guides Weeks 1 through 5 summarize the mat
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