ATOC 181 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Earth, Water Vapor, Tropopause

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Textbook: meteorology today by donald ahrens et al. , nelson, 2nd canadian ed. Atmosphere: envelope of gases surrounding the earth and another planet. Science: process of asking questions about the observable world and then testing the answers to those questions. External world not internal conviction is the testing of scientific beliefs. We are always affected by the atmosphere, we breathe. Many natural disasters are related to catastrophic atmospheric events. Only a few so-called scientists are still not convinced that mankind is responsible for global warming and the resulting impacts. Atmospheric sciences study of the atmosphere, processes, interaction with other systems (e. g sun). We get more heat from the earth surface than from the sun in average. Meteorology: state of the atmosphere at a given time and location rapid, sometimes unpredictable changes climate varies more slowly. Day to day cha(cid:374)ge i(cid:374) (cid:373)easure like t, air p, (cid:449)i(cid:374)d cloudi(cid:374)ess, rai(cid:374)fall a(cid:374)d su(cid:374)shi(cid:374)e .

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