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Biol 111 lab review table

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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Suzanne Gray

LocomotionReproductive ReproductionFeedingNervous Respiratory Excretory Circulatory Digestive OrganismSystemSystemSystemSystemSystemSystemHydraSexual Hydra are Carnivores Testes are Have Gas Gland cells P 6166reproduction mostly capture prey on the upper neurons exchange in the sperm is sessile using half of the which form a occurs in gastrodermproduced in They will tentacle and body near nerve net in the is secrete testes on the attach its subdue the each tissue gastrodermdigestive upper half of foot basal them with tentacleslayer is and enzymes body near disc to the toxic stings Ovaries are Neurons run across the Gastrovasctentacles and bottom of of on the lower through the epidermis ular cavity one egg is the dish and nematocystshalf of the mesoglea is the produced in extend its Food is body and and connect location of each ovary in tentacles transferred each two nerve digestion the lower half and body to their produce one nets of the body columnIt mouth eggSome together and Ovaries are can curl up partially individuals Have absorption larger than into a ball digested in are sensory of food testesSome Movement gastrovasculhermaphrodicells in the Mouth individuals are can occur in ar cavity tesepidermis serves as hermaphroditeseveral then sensitive to entrance sUsually different absorbed by external and exit to occurs in the ways gastrodermastimuli such gastrovascfallSperm 1 gliding on l cells as touch or ular cavityreleased into its foot There chemicals in water enters 2 inching intracellular the water ovary through along with digestion Impulses hole in its tentacles occurs from epidermis and foot Undigested sensory zygote forms 3 by material is cells are a hard somersaultivoided relayed to covering and ng from foot through neurons of drops to the to tentacles mouth the nerve sediment to foot Incomplete net that remains 4 by digestive synapse dormant until floating on a tract only with springbubble of one opening epitheliomuAsexual gas scular cells budding secreted by leading to takes 24 daysfootcoordinated muscular movementGoneonemusMouth is Egg and Velum aCarnivoresGonads are Have P 6667located on sperm are shelf under Use light brown Cnidocytes the bottom shed into the the edge of Cnidocytes there are which are where water where the bell to project a four that stinging ingestion fertilization When the nematocyst hang down cells that occurs edge takes place epitheliomusand capture as ruffles respond to is ringed by Fertilized egg cular cells in preyMouth parallel to touchAlso oral lobes develops into the velum lined with the four have which assist planula and bell oral lobes radial Statocysts ingestion ciliated larva contact a leads to canals which are at Functions as Planula jet of water Manubrium Most the base of both a mouth attaches to is projected leads to obvious the tentacle and anus solid object downward stomachstructure in They Manubrium and becomes pushing bell Same contain a connects a polyp the animal up for both stone mouth and polyp Downward male and suspended stomach produces movement is femaleon a flexible Extracellular medusa buds passive stalk digestion that detach jellyfish pressure of occurs in the and grow lack velum stone stomach
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