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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Suzanne Gray

Organism Phylum Cnidarian  Class Hydrozoan  Gonionemus  Medusa Stage, yet spends most of its time clinging to sea-grasses Brief  Contains a thick mesoglea (acts as a hydrostatic skeleton and provides Description buoyancy)  Can be poisonous due to toxins in the nematocysts  Sexual Reproduction: sperm and egg are released into the water Reproduction  Egg produces a small, larvae called a planula  Planula attaches to an object and begins its life as small polyp  Soon develops into a medusa form, when ready  Bell: dome-shaped structure that contains the epidermis, gastrodermis Body and mesoglea Structures  Tentacles: arms that hang out of the bell, used for capturing prey and attaching to objects  Tentacular bulbs: dark swellings at the base of each tentacle, contain interstitial cells that develop into cnidocytes when old ones get
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