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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Suzanne Gray

Organism Phylum Annelida  Class Hydrozoan  Hydra Brief  No medusa stage, small polyp Description  Carnivores Feeding  Capture prey by using toxic stings from within their cnidocytes  Food enters into the mouth and then into the gastrovascular cavity where intracellular digestion occurs by the gastrodermal cells  Indigestible food is then voided out of the mouth  Uses basal disc (foot) to remain attached to the substrate Movement  Extends tentacles and body columns  Moves by gliding, somersaulting and floating on bubbles of gas  Sexual Reproduction: involves the union of a sperm and egg (gametes) Reproduction to produce a zygote  Sperm and egg are located in the gonads (small mounds found in the epidermis)  Sperm is produced in the testes (upper surface, close to the tentacles)  One egg is produced in each ovary (lower surface, close to the foot)  Ovaries are generally bigger than the testes  Hermaphrodites: organism has the capability to produce both types of gonads and gametes  Using occurs in the fall, sperm is released into the water and enters the ovary through a hole in the epidermis, in order to reach the egg.  Zygote then produces a hard covering and drops off the sediment remaining dormant until spring.  Hypostome: conical elevation, with the mouth as its tip (mouth acts as Body entrance and exit) Structures  Tentacles: food capturing arms that radiate from the hypostome (contain cnidocy
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