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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Suzanne Gray

Organism Phylum Mollusca  Terrestrial Snail nd Brief  Phylum Mollusca is 2 in number and diversity, after arthropods Description Snails are hermaphrodites, therefore the can reproduce asexual and sexually. Reproduction Sexual Reproduction:  Snails secrete a chemical attractant called pheromones, which attract other snails  Undergo ritualized courtship, which involves the touching of tentacles and feet for several hours  Sperm is stored, until the egg is ready to be fertilized  Polygamous relationships occur, therefore there is a competition when it comes to which sperm will fertilize the egg  Love dart: snails produce a love dart which is a layer of mucus coating surrounding the sperm to ensure the survival of the sperm  Shell: composed of calcium carbonate secreted from the epidermis, Body some mollusca’s contain an operculum (hard disk on the foot) however Structures snails do not have one of theses  Foot: strong foot, assists in locomotion, secretes a sticky mucus substance that allows the snail to grip and slide along the surface, the mucus also assists in r
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