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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111

LAB ONE Elodea Leaf: - Freshwater plant that provides refuge for small invertebrates and larval fish and amphibians - Food source for ducks and beavers - Has the ability to propagate easily - Thin cells on outer edge have only one layer - Thorn cells do not contain as many chloroplasts but their nucleus and nucleolus are visible allowing us to see cytoplasmic streaming (cytoplasm is continuously moving and you can often see chloroplasts moving around the cell) - Iodine was added to kill the cell and makes the starch-containing pyrenoids (inside chloroplasts) visible – it is blue/black - A vacuole would look like a hole in the middle of the chloroplasts and the plasma membrane is the inner membrane. Ranunculus Root (Prepared Plant Slide): - Histological sections: thin slices of tissue applied to a microscopic slide (usually stained with dyes to allow for optical contrast when viewing - This is a CROSS SECTION - Selective staining: when different materials in the slide take up different dyes. This one dyed with safranin (red), fast green, and crystal violet (purple) - Selective staining in this case allowed us to see: lignified cell walls (red – thick-walled supportive cells), cellulose cell walls (green), and starch grains (purple) - The red-stained cells in the middle specialize in water conduction whereas the others specialize in food storage (starch). - These tissues plus others (such as the epidermis) make up an organ (buttercup root) Amphiuma Small Intestine (Prepared Animal Slide): - Villi increase surface area for nutrient absorption. - Kidney of Amphiuma: - - Kidney consists of tiny tubules called nephrons, which function in the regulation of water, nutrients, and wastes in the production of urine. The cells lining the tubules function in the absorption and excretion of substances in and out of the nephrons. Microcosm: - Miniature model system - Hypotheses: Microcosms treated with nutrients will not show enhanced algal concentrations (null). Microcosms treated with nutrients will sh
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