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Sample Questions for Final Exam

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 112
Joseph Dent

Sample Questions lectures 5-8 NOTE: You may use the genetic code on p.267 of your book for these questions 1) The transforming principle is: a) DNA b. RNA c. The substance from the S strain that makes the R strain virulent d. a and b e. a and c 2) If Hershey and Chase labeled T2 phage with heavy, non-radioactive nitrogen (15 N) and radioactive sulfur (35 S) and infected bacteria, the new phage that emerge from the infected bacteria would have: a. radioactive DNA b. heavy protein c. radioactive protein d. b and c e. none of the above 3) If one strand of DNA is 5' CATTAGTAC 3', the complementary strand will be: a. 5' CATGATTAC 3' b. 5' CATTAGTAC 3' c. 5' GTAATCATG 3' d. 5' GTACTAATG 3' e. none of the above 4) If I have the following piece of partially double stranded DNA: 5' ATCG 3' 3' TAGCGGCATCCG 5' And I add DNA polymerase, dTTP, dGTP and dCTP, what will be the sequence of the nucleotides that will be added? a. 5 'ATCGCCGTAGGC 3' b. 5' GGCATCCG 3' c. 5' CCGT 3' d. 5' CCGTAGGC 3' e. 5' GGC 3' 5) If you find the following stretch of nucleic acid in a cell in S-phase, at what step in DNA synthesis is it? 5' …TTTT TTTTTTTTTTT… 3' 3' …AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… 5' a. Before the primase acts b. Before polymerase III acts c. Before polymerase I acts d. Before ligase acts e. Synthesis is completed 6) Neurospora is haploid. Enzyme B converts ornithine to citrulline and enzyme C converts citrulline to arginine. b and c are recessive alleles coding non-functional version of the enzymes B and C respectively and B and C are the wild-type alleles. If I cross a Neurospora of genotype bC to a Neurospora of genotype bC, the F1 progeny will be able to grow on: a. arginine b. citrulline c. ornithine d. a or b e. a or c 7) Reverse transcriptase synthesizes a: a. DNA strand from a DNA template b. RNA strand from a DNA template c. RNA strand from a RNA template d. DNA strand from a RNA template e. None of the above 8) A transcript from this strand of DNA: 5' AGCTGGATACG 3' might be: a. 5' ACCUAUGC 3' b. 5' UAUCCAGCU 3' c. 5' CCAGCU 3' d. a and b e. b and c 9) If I take the tRNA that recognizes the codon 5' GCU 3' and mutate the 3' C of the anticodon of to a G, the tRNA will recognize the codon: a. CCC b. UGC c. GCG d. GCU e. CGU 10) An aminoacyl tRNA synthase will add what amino acid to the 3' hydroxyl of the wild type tRNA with the
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