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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 200
Francois Fagotto

1Midterm Q1Genes found in the genome include proteincoding genes and noncoding RNA genes Which nucleotide is not normally found in noncoding RNA genes Student Value Correct Answer Feedback Response 1 G2 T3 A4 CU 1005 Score 112Midterm Q2Which of the following is false concerning eukaryotic DNA replication Student Value Correct Answer Feedback Response 1 Okazakifragments contain both RNA and DNA 2 template is read 3to 5 during DNA polymerization leadingstrand 1003DNA polymerization does not require a primer 4 each replicationbubble is composed of two replication forks 5 two of the above Score 113Midterm Q3Which of the following DNA repair mechanisms can remove chemical adducts that distort the normal shape of DNA Student Value Correct Answer Feedback Response nucleotide 1001excision repair 2 errorpronedoublestrand DNA repair 3 base excisionrepair 4 doublestrandDNA repair by homologous recombination 5 mismatchexcision repairScore 114Midterm Q4In addition to a DNA polymerase activity DNA polymerase alpha has which other enzymatic activity Student Value Correct Answer Feedback Response 1 endonuclease2 RNA polymerase3 3 to 5exonuclease 4 5 to 3exonuclease
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