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BIOL 202 Genetics of Transposable Elements NOTES.doc

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 202
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BIOL 202 Lecture 27 Genetics of Transposable Elements Genetics and the Detection of the unexpectedUnstable alleles of maizenew phenotypes in corn produced through the movement of the Ds transposable elementvia cytogenetics can see losshad weird segregation breakage only occurred when another locus activator was also present2nd locus unlinkedrecessive alleles on Chromosome breakage at Dissociator the homologous Ds locus chromo fragment is lostchromosome are expressed Affects several loci distal from breakage pointRequired presence of unlinked activator Ac locusRare unstable allelesaffect only a single gene distal to usual breakage pointinsertion of Ds in C gene creates colorlessexcision of Ds from C gene expresses color again through action suggested that Ds is mobile but only in of Acthe presence of Accouldnt map Ac so seems mobile itselfsome lines of corn had rare events where you cut just one of those phenotypes affected found an unstable allele affecting only one of the genesas if Ds was jumping into colorless and then out again to give it spots and still needed AcMOBILE ELEMENTSHybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila
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