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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 202
Tamara Western

Lecture 24 and 25Cancer Genetics93000 men and 84800 will have cancer throughout their lifetime Men mostly prostate and lung cancerFemale mostly breast and lung cancerIn most cases male and female are equally affected with some few exceptionsbreast and prostate cancer of course but also lung cancer mainly due to smoking habitsPancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly cancers you can have 6 survival chance after 5 years Overall it is one out of 24 males and 1 out of 28 females that will develop cancer during their lifetime10x more people in the USA than Canada dying of cancer 1 person is dying per minute in the USA Elsewhere in the world certain cancers are more predominant than others Nasopharynx Hong KongUSAaOrangeON PurpleOFF bCells eventually die PurpleON and orangeOFFcNO Cell division but survival Survival and Growth inhibition cues are ONCancer cells All death cues are off All survival cues and proliferation cues are ON Uncontrolled survival and proliferation Checkpoints are controlled by cyclin dependent kinases CDKs and cyclin Moves from one phase to the other when the checkpoint is passedIf the cell cycle is 24 hours long mitosis would take 1 hour Division is 124 of the full cell cycle Most of the time the cells are in interphase Need to block cells in mitosis to accumulate cells in mitosis to see the chromosomes using Taxol or Monastrol
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