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BIOL 306 - Midterm 2 Summary Charts

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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 306
Gerald Pollack

rom both ides oough tenters through es frong! Each neurcounter inhibition . d n. magnocellularis. m spn.ific special eurons each have a LefRight ear LammiaThe inThe inNeurons respond best for simultaneous information f Phonotaxis o o o o o o Amplitude modulation helps frogs selOwls can AudITD codes for azimuth: Processed by n. laminaris an: processed by n. angularis.: n frobrai ies.Verteb Frots:: - - - OwlOwls create a visual map! - - Acoustic Communication sound. senasoreardrumb(raroes)ternal tympanal o o Hear with ScolopidiumcANi1edertse.cts cricket A4ocoupn-tlennedrfosroscatndgFlythrounghesobinesraoldifegnneuronstrlcchs/vhao - - - - - - - - - - - IID anddiTdseects:octlized to song pattern of their specsshoppersAcoustically parasitoid fly Sound production TeeSttiSuclaier.WingylfidgastruRubrohindinesg.sStustdtethiagl./oithesbighlspwiaglair. SonDgiecttdr-yertdomcmdanydNPeu.on. Gra-shoppe-s: Cyc-das: Coc-oach: from the retina and forebrain. m the optic tectum. Callnhviiplyronihepaisdsl0eunrfsismteoaraili.eatle InformMatrnancexmfrtiidorormiaesmelreqIiingm.nrnelo(lpumerps, and tance between einput, or when its visual field is warped. SS. y can detect a faster frequency of ferentially, reducing noise. Ex: p) ses between ICC and ICX in response to a signal frange:d/or, mmodate to earplugs, indicating he less information an organism can extract. Owl cannot calibrate when it is deprived of many-to-many:ulus caused it. account for growth which leads to change in the dis : Bullfrogs neurons respond more to CSS compared to Bthe AniTheir systems are tuned to detect these stimuli pre o o VisualVision is essential for auditory field calibration:ation of neReduction of uncertainty about nature of stimulus.s, t ch - - - - - - - - - - - - AudWitomyuFsldeaablbrotiali:brate auditory space map to InfNrrvatisnsanemthexperionucssyasesponse and must figu is r. . t regions. litude goes up. Synaapsinhititerxctyraryipyrlce
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