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Midterm #1 REview Covers important material that will be tested on the midterm. Notes are colour coded and easy to read so everyone should be able to use them! They are also condensed onto just TWO pages of notes =] Thanks guys and Good Luck Studying

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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 342
Christine Dupont

Biol 342 Molecular Biotechnology Notes Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Molecular Biotechnology Biotechnologyuse of organisms their metabolism to produce a product for a commercial use Molecular BiotechnologyDNA manipulation to enhance a natural product proteinenzymes eg insertion of human insulin into Ecoli for insulin productionCohen Chang and Boyers workfirst demonstration of gene cloning using plasmids as vectorshowever thought to be dangerous if genes combined from two different organisms produced a novel organism with undesirable and dangerous propertiesChapter 2 Molecular Biotechnology Biological Systems Prokaryotes EukaryotesSingle chromosome haploidTypically diploidCircular chromosomeLinear chromosomeContain plasmidsNo plamids except yeastNo nucleusNucleusPolycistronic mRNA operonsTranscriptiontranslation uncoupled o 1 transcriptmRNA no intronsMonocistronic mRNA o mRNA unmodified1 transcript processed intronsTranscriptiontranslation coupledmRNA modified 5 methylated cap and 3Ini tRNA carries Nfmethionine polyA tailTranslation initiation at RBS ShineDalgarnoIni tRNA carries methionine sequenceRibosome binds 5 cap scans mRNA to AUGPresence of restriction system then begins translation1 Origin of DNA replicationRestriction system absent Multiple repliconsHigh level of compartmentalization Chapter 3 DNA RNA and Protein SynthesisProkaryotic DNAmRNAProteinTranslation Transcription Eukaryotic oDNA1 transcript mRNA Protein RNA Translation TranscriptionProcessing5 cap 3 polyA tailRemoval of intronsGene is a specific nucleotide sequence containing the elements required to produce RNA or proteinORFcontain start codon and gene Does not contain stop codonProkaryotic DNA 5 PO P ORBS ATGTAGRBS ATG TAGT OH 3 4 Transcription mRNA5 POSDAUG UAG RBSAUGUAG OH 3 4 5 UTR3 UTR RBSTranslation ShineDalgarno Sequence in E Coli AGGAGGProtein NHnfMet first aa aaaaaaaaCOOH last amino acid 2Stop CodonsUAG UGA UAANote 2 proteins produced in this case Operon cluster of genes that are regulated and under the control of an operator eg lacZ operonoperator repressed no expression unless inducer presentEukaryotic DNA5 PO P Exon1 Intron1 Exon2Intron2Exon3 Intron 3T OH 3 4Transcriptiono1 transcript 5 G capExon1Intron1Exon2Intron2 Exon3 Intron3AAAAAAOH 3 Post Transcriptional ModificationmRNA 5 G capExon1 Exon2 Exon3 AAAAAOH 3Translation Protein NH Met first aa aaaaaaaaCOOH last amino acid 2
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