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A past midterm

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CHEM 110
Bryan Sanctuary

Chemistry 110 Midterm 1 October 11 20051What are the possible values for the orbital angular momentum quantum number l given the following values forthe other three quantum numbers n4 l ml0 ms12A0B1 2 3 or 4C3D0 1 2 or 3Enone of these answers2If the wavelength of an electron is equal to the radius of the n2 orbit in He what must the velocity of theelectron be6A688 x 10 ms7B138 x 10 ms6C344 x 10 ms5D547 x 10 msEThe velocity cannot have an exact value23The element seaborgium Sg has Z106 What would you predict the electron configuration to of Sg to beAThe same configuration as rutherfordium Rh Z1044BRn 6d144CRn 5f 6d1422DRn 5f 6d 7s1242ERn 5f 6d 7s4Praseodymium Pr Z59 is one of the lanthanide rare earth elements Which of the following statements is aTRUE statement about the orbital into which the last electron was filled for the element PrAThe number of radial nodes is greater than the number of angular nodesBThe orbital is a 5f orbitalCThe orbital contains valence electronsDThe orbital is one member of a set of seven degenerate orbitalsEnone of the other four statements is true5Davisson and Germer as well as G P Thompson conducted a famous and important experiment Which of thefollowing statements is TRUE concerning their experimentAThey observed diffraction patterns from photons confirming that light had wave propertiesBThey observed diffraction patterns of electrons confirming that matter had wave propertiesCTheir experiment contradicted DeBroglies equationDThey observed standing wave patterns from electrons confirming the existence of orbitalsENone of the other four statements is truePage 1 v1Chemistry 110 Midterm 1 October 11 20056A twophoton absorption transition is observed using a laser that emits light having a wavelength of 500 nmWhich of the following statements isare TRUE about this electronic transitionAThe single photon transition would be caused by UV light with a wavelength of 1000 nmBThe single photon transition would be caused by IR light with a wavelength of 1000 nmCThe single photon transition would be caused by UV light with a wavelength of 250 nmDThe single photon transition would be caused by IR light with a wavelength of 250 nmENone of the other four statements is true7Which of the following statements isare TRUE AThe wavefunctionis a solution to the Schrodinger equation2Bspherical shellThe square of the wavefunctionis the total probability of finding the electron in aatdistance r from the nucleusCOrbitals with the same n cannot overlap in spaceDFor the same orbital type ie same l quantum number orbitals with the higher n value will have a morenegative energyEtwo of the other four statements are true8Which is not a valid set of quantum numbers for an electronAn6 l2 m0 m12l sBn3 l2 m 2 m12lsCn7 l0 m 0 m12lsDn17 l16 m 16 m12lsEn4 l2 m 2 m12ls9Which statements is are FALSE in comparing the electronic transition from n5 to n 2 in H with that ofif3electronic transition from n2 to n 5 in Beif3AThe photon involved in the H transition lies in the visible spectrum while that involved in the Be transitionlies in the UV region of the spectrumBA photon of the same frequency is involved in both transitions but is emitted the H electronic transition and3absorbed in the Be electronic transition3CThe wavelength of the photon emitted by H is 16 times the wavelength of the photon absorbed by BeDThe transition in H is a Balmer emission series lineEtwo of the other four statements are FALSEPage 2 v1
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