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McGill University
CHEM 110
Sebastien Breau

FACULTY OF SCIENCE MIDTERM EXAMINATIONCHEMISTRY 120 GENERAL CHEMISTRY Examiners Prof B SiwickNameProf A MittermaierDr A Fenster INSTRUCTIONS1 Enter your student number and name on the computer scorecard provided by filling in the appropriate circlesCheck that your scorecard has the correct version number filled in version 1 If not fill that inOne mark will be awarded for correctly recording your student number on the scantron cardDouble check that you have done that properly 2 This examination comprises 30 questions 16 pages including cover page and 4 blank pages but will be marked out of 31 see point 1 aboveAll questions are of equal value3 Transfer all answers to the scantron computer scorecard provided4 Only the scantron card will be collected at the end of the examination period 5 ONLY the SHARP EL510RB calculator may be used in the Midterm Translation dictionaries are also permitted NO notes or texts are allowed6 The Examination Security Monitor Program detects pairs of students with unusually similar answer patterns on multiplechoice examsData generated by this program can be used as admissible evidence either to initiate or corroborate an investigation or a charge of cheating under Section 16 of the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
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